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About the motor of the electric lift table

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There are mainly single motors and dual motors.

The motor is the most important part of a lifting table, and it can be said to be the "heart" of a lifting table.
It directly affects the lifting speed and stabilization effect of the desk, in addition, it also affects the weight and even the service life of the desk.

Load-bearing and stability: dual motors>single motors; if you have sufficient funds, try to buy dual motors;

★Single motor: It is composed of 1 motor + transmission rod. The controller moves one side of the motor up and down and then the other side is driven by the transmission rod to achieve synchronous lifting. A single motor can generally bear a weight of about 70kg, and the lifting speed is generally 25mm/s.

★Dual motors: one motor on each side. The controller realizes synchronous lifting by manipulating the motors on both sides.

The dual motors have high power, good stability and load-bearing capacity. They can bear 100kg, and the lifting speed is faster than that of a single motor, reaching 35mm/s. However, the price is generally more expensive.


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