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Advantages and disadvantages of hand-cranked lifting tables

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1. Advantages

(1)Convenient lifting. It can be satisfied with people of different heights, provide users with a suitable height for use, and improve the efficiency of work or study.


(2)It is good for health. Adjusting the lifting table to a height that suits us in a hand-cranked manner can make our sitting posture standard, and can also use the lifting table standing, which not only protects the eyesight of the user, but also avoids the problems of the cervical spine and spine, and can solve the problem for a long time. The problem of sitting.


(3)Save resources. The use of a hand-cranked lifting table does not require the use of electric energy or oil and gas resources, which not only saves resources but also saves costs.

2. Disadvantages

(1)It takes a little effort to adjust the height of the elevator, which is more troublesome compared to the automatic elevator table.

(2)The height that the hand-cranked lift table can rise is limited.

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