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Convert Your Desk

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Not ready for a new desk or love the one you have?
You can add a desktop converter to any stationary desk and give yourself the ability to stand.
With our family of Standing Desk Converters, you have lots of options.
Pneumatic adjustment brings your monitor, keyboard, and mouse to your ideal standing height with our  Standing Desk Converter, and it requires absolutely no assembly. Just lift it out of the box and you're standing.

Converters work well if you're committed to your current desk but want the additional health benefits of a full standing desk.
Most desktop converters force you to give up the ability to achieve a perfect seated height ,and often actually make the seated height worse because they raise the seated desktop height an additional inch or so.
Our Standing Desk Converter solves that problem by allowing the keyboard tray to lower well below desk height

Changzhou Eisdir Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of standing desks and healthy office solutions. 


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