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How long you sit each day determines your lifespan

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What behavior is harmful to health? Ask ten people, eight people will say it is smoking.

However, there is another behavior that has been listed as the number one killer by the World Health Organization. Its harm to people far exceeds that of smoking.

From the elderly to the children, almost everyone has this habit. This habit is sedentary!

In general, sitting in the office, taking exams in class, watching TV, watching movies, playing computer, playing mahjong, and even driving are all within the scope of "sedentary".

As long as you sit continuously for more than 90 minutes, then you already have a big health risk.

This is not alarmist talk. According to the World Health Organization, more than 2 million people die every year due to sedentary sitting.

What are the hazards of sitting for so long?

Sitting for a long time will make you ugly, low back pain and knee pain in mild cases, and irreversible damage to knees and lumbar spine in severe cases!

Sitting for a long time will cause infertility, constipation, make people dumb, accelerate aging, and make diabetes come to the door

It is impossible not to sit, but we can avoid sedentary sitting:

1. Avoid sitting for more than 90 minutes

2. Never cross your legs

3. Tuck your hips when you stand up

4. Don't sit when you can

5. Equipped with a cushion if possible

6. Try to use a table that can be raised and lowered, and while sitting shortly, it will not affect your work

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