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How to Find the Perfect Stand Up Desk

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How to Find the Perfect Stand Up Desk


People want to get stand up desks for many reasons. After all, they are innovative, practical, and can be really comfortable for a lot of people. However, when you start looking to buy one, you will quickly realize that choosing one isn’t so simple. There are many factors you need to consider to find a stand up desk that suits your needs. Here’s what you need to know.

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People who should get stand up desks are the ones that want to be active during the day, change their positions, and avoid getting stiff during work while sitting. However, stand up desks aren’t always the solution.

Lots of people feel equally bad when standing the whole time. A height-adjustable desk or sit-stand desk lets you switch positions and avoid both of these scenarios. It’s best to try standing and see if it suits you or if it’s best to switch between sitting and standing up.

Height adjustment capabilities

Not all stand up desks can be adjusted equally. Look to find a desktop, desk, or table that can be adjusted all the way from sitting position to full standing mode.

These desks let you get the best possible benefits from both positions and be more productive at work. Make sure to measure your chair, ideal sitting position, as well as your height requirement when standing up.

Mechanisms used for adjustment


There are a couple of different height adjustment mechanisms you can encounter. Depending on how the height is adjusted, a stand up desk can be:

  1. Electric height adjustable desk

  2. Manual height adjustable desk

  3. Pneumatic height adjustable desk

Manual or crank desks can be quite cheaper but require manual work to adjust the height. Sometimes this can be tricky and require lots of time. The pneumatic one is the best option in our opinion because it doesn’t require any electricity. However, it’s a minor difference compared to the electric ones.

The weight capacity

Like regular desks, all adjustable height desks have a weight limit as well, but in this case, their capacity is far lower. However, they can handle some everyday desktop items.

If you plan on putting something heavier on these desks than a computer or a screen, make sure to check out the weight capacity before you buy a desk. If not, you might damage the height mechanism and have to pay for expensive repairs.

Level of noise

Electrical desks run on motors, so when you adjust the height, you can expect some noise. Depending on the model, the noise can be higher or lower – pneumatic desks are usually quiet, while manual desks can also sometimes be loud.


Pay attention to the things we mentioned today, and you’ll be able to find a stand up desk that’s just right for you.


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