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How to choose an electric height adjustable desk

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For electric lifting tables, being able to lift means being able to adapt to different usage scenarios. You can sit at the front of the table, you can stand up to work, and even you can use the lifting table as a dining table, bar, or coffee table . This is a multi-scene experience given by the lifting function. So how to choose an elevator table?

①【Motor + Lifting Column】: The motor is the most important part of the electric lift table, because the quality and quantity of the motor will determine many performance indicators of the electric lift table. Generally, there are domestic and imported motors. Imported motors will be more excellent in the chip control system for lifting, which is manifested in the lower delay of lifting start and stop, and at the same time, the time from static to maximum speed during lifting is shorter. The desktop stability is higher when lifting. The experience of a high-quality desk should be as smooth as driving a car. Secondly, in terms of the number of motors, a single motor is generally an exposed motor (now there are hidden ones), and a transmission shaft is designed at the beam to realize left and right synchronous lifting. However, there is only one central control in the double-motor beam, which transmits signals through cables, which is still very easy to distinguish.


After the electric lifting table has a motor, it needs to be adjusted by the lifting column at the leg of the table. The lifting column generally has 2 and 3 sections, and the stability of the 3 section column is better. The installation method of the lifting column is also divided into formal installation and inverted installation. The difference is that the formal installation is the lifting of the top of the table leg, while the inverted installation is the bottom lifting. Generally, the formal installation is better than the inverted installation, so the optimal solution for the motor and the lifting column is dual motors + 3 columns are being installed.


②[Lifting stability, load-bearing capacity]: The stability of the lifting table is very important. Whether it is in a low or high position, it can ensure the stability of the desktop and not shake. At the same time, the vibration amplitude of the desktop cannot be large during the lifting process, otherwise a glass of water It can be swayed up and down, so what about experience? At the same time, the different combinations of the motor and the lifting column will also produce different load-bearing capacities, because it not only takes into account the static but also the dynamic. But you need to pay attention to whether the label is the load-bearing capacity of the bracket (without subtracting the weight of the table board). A few manufacturers will separately label the table-top load-bearing capacity, so it must be distinguished. The larger the load-bearing capacity value, the better.


③ [Lifting rate, lifting range, lifting noise]: Motor + control method + lifting column determine the performance and experience of the electric lifting table, which is indispensable. In the lifting experience, the lifting rate and lifting range are also an important part. The lifting range of the electric lifting table can generally cover about 60-120cm, and the lifting speed is generally 25-38mm/s. Under the premise of ensuring the stability of the lifting, the faster the speed, the better, and the lifting range is the larger the span, the better.


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