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Is it necessary to buy a laptop stand?

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Why do I need to raise my laptop?

It was probably after the pain that I knew how fragile the cervical spine was and needed more protection!
I believe that many office workers and long-term computer users are troubled by the cervical spine!
Due to the long-term improper living and working habits, the cervical spine is strained for a long time,
which forms a kind of patients caused by degenerative changes in the cervical spine.
The curvature of the cervical spine becomes straight or even reflexed.
There may be neck stiffness, shoulder and neck pain, restricted shoulder and neck movement;
dizziness and nausea; headache, etc.

Due to the relatively low screen height of the notebook stand,
sitting in front of the computer for a long time is easy to hunch back and lower your head,

and the pressure on the cervical spine is very great for long-term bowing.
Over time, there are a series of physical problems. As shown below:

The notebook stand can raise the screen so that the screen is parallel to the line of sight,
so that it will not lower your head and reduce the pressure on the cervical spine.

Our laptop stand has multiple positions (4), which can be adjusted to different heights

Of course, to protect the cervical spine, there is another very important habit that does not cost money-regular activities.
 Move your body every half an hour, look around or get up and drink a glass of water and walk around.
Maintaining a posture for a long time can easily cause cervical fatigue.

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