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Let painting become a pleasure of life

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What are the benefits of painting:

1. Exercise the spatial abstract thinking of the brain

2. Exercise the coordination of hands, eyes and brain

3. Inspire and promote children's understanding and use of colors

4. Relieve stress

5. Make people love life

6. Exercise children's care and concentration

7. Conducive to children's emotional expression and emotional catharsis

8. Improve children's observation skills


With so many benefits, if you have a good drawing table, it will better increase your children's interest in drawing

Accompanying starts at a young age and gives children intimate protection

Cervical spine stereotypes: childhood 6-10 years old

Prevention of myopia: adolescents 10-15 years old

Healthy development period: adolescence 15-18 years old

Accompanying children for 18 years of growth

This drawing table has two drawers, large capacity, triangle buckle and triangle bracket. You can adjust the height you want, safe and stable. The storage compartment and pen holder can be removed to make the desktop more tidy. Adjust the angle as needed to keep children away from myopia. Protect the spine and correct sitting posture

This drawing table is also multifunctional, suitable for anyone to use, for drawing, studying, as a desk or computer desk

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