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What is height adjustable desk

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Q:What is a lifting desk?

A:A type of lifting table, suitable for the needs of people of different heights; to achieve the freedom of office, in line with the trend of the times;

Q:What is the composition of Lifting desk?


1. Motor part: to achieve the purpose of lifting.

2. Table frame part: mostly metal, simple in style.

3. Table board part: commonly used melamine board, solid wood, bamboo board, etc.

Q:What is the advantages of lifting desk?

A:Effectively prevent spinal and cervical lesions, control the occurrence of obesity and diabetes; maintain a good figure.

Q:What id the features of Lifting Desk?


1. The freedom of lifting and lowering does not hinder the busy affairs at hand.

2. The operation is simple and the height can be adjusted automatically.

3. Memory function storage: fixed according to its own suitable height.

4. The appearance is simple and generous, which is in line with the international office trend.

5. It is good for physical and mental health, increases work efficiency, and activates the workplace atmosphere.


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