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Why the smart electric lift table is worth buying

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For office workers, the damage to the body by sitting for a long time is invisible and long-lasting. Basically, all organs can't escape its "torture". According to relevant surveys, sitting for 5 hours or more has a health hazard equivalent to absorbing 1.25 packs of cigarettes. Even a long-distance running for 10 kilometers cannot offset the harm and fatigue. It is imminent to improve the hazards of sitting for a long time. To this end, lifting tables, hand-cranked lifting tables, and intelligent electric lifting tables have been applied.

Compared with hand-cranked lifting tables and lifting tables, smart electric lifting tables are the most practical, and are the best solution for sedentary office work, whether at home or in office.

Next, let’s take a look at the reasons why the smart electric lift table is worth buying, and what are the advantages compared to the hand-cranked lift table:

1. Convenient operation, one-key lifting and lowering, alternate sitting and standing;

2. In comparison, the multi-section lifting column of the intelligent lifting table supports the lifting adjustment within the height range of 600-1200mm, and the lifting range is larger, which is more suitable for children and adults;

3. Compared with hand-cranked desks, smart desks pay more attention to safety in the design. Smart desks place the controller on the desktop in an embedded manner to reduce the accidental damage rate; the controller with 4 levels of height memory settings , Waterproof material is also used, it can be wiped normally by sprinkling water, and it is refused to be powered on during operation.

4. Compared with the hand-cranked lifting table, the intelligent lifting table can be equipped with 360° freely rotating and casters, which is convenient to move;

5. Compared with hand-cranked lifting tables and lifting tables, intelligent electric lifting tables with dual motors, the lifting is synchronized, and the operation is labor-saving;

6. In terms of material, the table adopts E1 grade environmental protection table board, which is healthier and more durable than the manual lifting table

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