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Working from home essentials

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Employers across the world were forced to switch from office working to home-based employment because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Some have started to return to an office-based model, but many are allowing staff who want to work from home to continue to do so on a hybrid basis. You are most probably among them!

The bank UBS is one of a growing number of large employers which are allowing most staff to mix working from home and office permanently.
A Computer Weekly survey found that more than two-thirds of staff will be expected to continue working remotely on an ongoing basis.

More than 80% of employees told an Accenture survey that they preferred a hybrid working regime,
and the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development) found that of 2,000 employers surveyed, 63% intended to introduce or expand a mixture of remote and on-site working.

Working from home – on a part- or full-time basis - is the new normal.
Some 80% of respondents to the Get Britain Standing Annual Sitting Survey 2021 said they had switched to home working,
and almost a third of workers said they were using a standing desk – up from 19% a year earlier.
A revolution in residential and office accommodation is under way.

The pandemic housing boom has affected what we want from our homes. Top of the list is space, and housing developers are already beginning to incorporate design changes for the homeworking trend.

In an American Institute of Architects survey, 68% reported an increase in demand for home offices in design / build projects. If you’re looking for a new home, an area that can be used as a workspace is definitely on the ‘want’ list, but if a move is not on the cards, where can you set up your home office?
 A corner of the living room, spare bedroom or niche under the stairs is popular with many. There’s also been a boom in demand for garden rooms. Most of us, however, have had to find space wherever we can.

If you’re turning an existing area of your home into a work zone, whatever you use as a desk must fit neatly and look good even when you are not working.


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