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Is it necessary to buy a laptop stand?
Why do I need to raise my laptop?It was probably after the pain that I knew how fragile the cervical spine was and needed more protection!I believe that many office workers and long-term computer users are troubled by the cervical spine! Due to the long-term improper living and working habits, the c
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Experience sharing after using the lifting table
I have been using the lifting table for a week now. Compared with the ordinary table, what changes has it brought?1. I find that I can concentrate more when I stand, which I didn’t expect2. Now I stand for most of the day, and the discomfort of the back and cervical spine has been relieved a lot3. T
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About the motor of the electric lift table
There are mainly single motors and dual motors.The motor is the most important part of a lifting table, and it can be said to be the "heart" of a lifting table. It directly affects the lifting speed and stabilization effect of the desk, in addition, it also affects the weight and even the service li
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