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Solar Bug Zapper Outdoor, 4000mAh Rechargeable Bug Zapper,4200V Mosquito Zapper,RGB Light,IP66 Waterproof Electric Insect Zapper for Outside, Patio, Backyard, Garden

3X Efective Bug Control: Buzzing Sound? Itchy Skin? Contaminated Food? Electric bug zapper outdoor cordless mimics human respiration, physically attract various insects effectively, rapidly take them out, which is more efficient compared to other products with no odor or harm to human
Solar Mosquito Zapper Outdoor with Versatile Lighting: Equipped with 2 mosquito killer modes(Grade1 & Grade2) and 3 illumination effects(Low & High Reading Brightness, RGB Light Mode).Various zapper levels paired with different lighting modes, meeting diverse needs for different occasions, which ensuring a more peaceful sleep and creating a cozy atmosphere for gatherings,such as home, kitchen, bedroom, patio, balcony, camping, pool, garden, garage, etc
Lasts All Night without Plugging in: Camping bug zapper builts in 4000mAh rechargeable battery rapid 2H full charging, all-night endurance. Mosquito killer support both solar and USB-C charging, eco-friendly and energy-efficient. However, since the charging speed is affected by the sunlight intensity and the conversion rate of the panel, it takes a long time to fully charge. Solar charging is for emergency use only, which is an additional feature and not the main input
IP66 Waterproof & Easy to Clean: Fly zapper withstand harsh weather conditions, no need to worry even on rainy days outdoors. Equipped with foldable hook, it can be hung on a nail or placed flat on a table. Come with a brush for easily and quickly cleaning out dead insects. Tips: Avoid submerging the bug zapper in water
Enjoy Bug-free Surroundings: Fly killer can keep pesky insects away within a radius of 2100 feet including mosquitoes, flies, wasps, moths, gnats, and other flying insects. An excellent option for outdoor camping or gatherings
  • SBZ-01

  • ABS

  • 107*107*220

  • RGB Light,IP66 Waterproof,4000 mAh capacity,4200V high-voltage electrical grid

  • 124*124*230

  • 540g


Product Description


Product number:SBZH01

Product Size: 107*107*220

Rated power: 4W

Solar panel charging power/size: 4W/85*85

Switch mode:  Type-C charging: 5h

                              Solar charging: 8h

Battery capacity: 4000mAH

Application area: 2100spft

Waterproof level: IPX6

Length of work: 

Lighting brightness 50%:24h

Lighting brightness 100%: 12.5h

UV lamp + lighting brightness 100%: 4.5h

UV lamp: 9h


Solar Bug Zapper

We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with pesky bugs during the summer. That's why we have created advanced bug zappers designed to eliminate flying insects in a safe and healthy manner.

Our team has spent several years researching and developing the perfect mosquito zapper, which is more efficient and easier to use. We hope to bring some much-needed peace and tranquility to your home.


2024 Upgraded Solar Bug Zapper Outdoor & Indoor

Adopting bionic technology to effectively attract flying insects and swiftly end them with a 4200V high-voltage grid. Eliminates bugs 3X more effectively than other products. The bug zapper indoor operates effortlessly to rid your living space of annoying mosquitoes, biting flies, wasps, and moths, ensuring they never bother you again!


3 IN 1 Bug Zapper Outdoor Mosquito Zapper Fly Zapper Electric Insect Zapper for Patio Backyard Garden

Meet the needs of different occasions

  • Mosquito Control Model: Grade 1 (Strong) & Grade 2 (Stronger), Grade 1 is suitable for indoor use, while Grade 2 is recommended for outdoor settings.

  • Reading Light Mode: Strong light and dimmer light. Use bright light for reading while for sleeping, you can use slightly dimmer lighting.

  • RGB Ambient Light Mode: A unique ambient light of fly killer as a decorative item, enhancing the atmosphere of parties and gatherings. 

  • 1

    Solar & USB-C Charging

    The USB-C charging feature of fly zapper indoor allows for cord-free operation, enabling flexible placement in any location.The solar charging is an outdoor emergency use, eliminating concerns about power supply.


    Easy to Clean

    Twist and open the chassis of indoor bug zapper plug in, use the provided brush to sweep away dead bugs and rinse with water if necessary.


    Long-lasting Battery Life

    Featuring a 4000 mAh capacity, the mosquito killer charges for 2 hours to ensure uninterrupted operation throughout the entire evening.



IP66 Waterproof

Solar bug zapper outdoor can work normally in any weather, specially designed for outdoor use.


Dual UV Lightwave

Outdoor bug zapper emits light waves of 365-395nm to attract various types of insects, such as small insects like mosquitoes and larger insects like flies and moths.


0.27 inch Safe Spacing

The 0.27-inch size of bug zapper outdoor solar powered accommodates 95% of mosquito species while remaining safe for babies and pets.


A Great Helper in the Kitchen

Placed near food, fruit fly killer effectively eliminates fruit flies and flying insects. Keep Bugs Awayfrom Your Food, ensuring healthier, fresher, and more delicious food enjoyment.



Solar Energy
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