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Stainless Steel Solar Bug Zapper ,4200V Bug Zapper,2400mAh Rechargeable Bug Zapper,Waterproof Electric Insect Zapper for Outside, Patio, Backyard, Garden

   2 Modes Lightings:2 in 1 Solar Outdoor bug zapper is equipped with two light source modes - white light and purple light. The purple light effectively kills flying insects, protecting your family from annoying mosquito bites, while the white light adds a decorative touch to your outdoor space at night.(Note: These two working modes cannot be used simultaneously.)
   Safe Mosquito Killerr:This is a bug zapper outdoor based on the phototaxis of insects using the 365nm ultraviolet light band to attract them into the mosquito killer to achieve the effect of physical mosquito control.It is friendly to the environment,people and animals,which can ensure the safety of household use.The durable stainless steel shell ensure that the solar mosquito zapper outdoor can withstand the baptism of rain and hot sun to achieve the effect of sun protection and rust prevention.
   Power By Solar:These devices are powered by solar energy. Simply place the solar mosquito zapper outdoor in the ground, and let the sun power solar bug zapper every day for constant bug protection all night long. And for cloudy days, our solar bug zapper outdoor can also be powered with batteries.When charging in the sun, the switch of the mosquito killer must be turned on.
   Intelligent Light Control: We have equipped a light intensity control function on the top of the solar mosquito zapper outdoor.When night falls or the surrounding environment is in low light, the solar mosquito zapper will activate its working mode (mosquito killer/lighting).On the contrary,during the day or when the light is bright,the light will not be on due to light control,but you can test solar mosquito zapper outdoor by covering the solar panel.
   Safety Protection :The bug zapper outdoor has dual safety guarantees. The first point is to install a stainless steel safety net cover on the internal power grid of the mosquito killer, so even if you remove the mosquito killer, there is no need to worry about touching the power grid. The second point is that the mosquito killer has a leakage protection function. If accidentally touched, it will instantly disconnect. It not only protects the mosquito killer, but also protects the user
  • SBZH01

  • Stainless Steel

  • 200*190

  • 4200V Bug Zapper,2400mAh Rechargeable Bug Zapper

  • 255*255*255

  • 900g


Product Description



Intelligent light control:Automatically shuts down and turns on solar charging 

during the day, automatically turns on and kills pests at night, no need to reset.


This product is made of stainless steel, which is durable and waterproof. It can 

work normally in most weather conditions and is designed for outdoor use.


2 IN 1 Bug Zapper Outdoor Mosquito Zapper Fly Zapper Electric Insect Zapper for 

Patio Backyard Garden,Lighting mode and pest control mode can be switched at 

any time.


Double-layer stainless steel encrypted protective cover, double-layer protection prevents children's fingers from inserting, preventing accidental electric shock and 

safe use.


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